22 February 2012

Everyday Creativity – Community Gardens at Tempelhof Airport in Winter

A recent winter walk at the former airfield of Tempelhof Airport in Berlin also took me to the Allmede-Kontor plot where community gardens are located between the former runways. At the snow-covered airfield urban garding obviously has come to a halt. But the creatively and tenderly assembled nests of the community gardeners wait to be re-cultivated in spring, which is hopefully soon to come.
Meanwhile I’d like to share these pictures as examples of everyday creativity. These spaces of vernacular creativity are examples that emphasise the role for non-economic and non-productive values and practices in shaping processes of urban creativity. They foster a rethinking of the ‘Creative Class’, a terminology that usually does not encompass these kinds of spaces who are created by local residents of any classes. 

all images by SYNCHRONICITY