22 July 2008


the 105-storey Ryugyong Hotel in North Corea's capital Pyongyang

North Korea is refurbishing the "the worst building in the history of mankind" after a 16 year break.
the three sided pyramid that dominates Pyongyang's skyline used to be the number one prestige project of Korea's leader Kim Il-sung. after losing the sowjets as their main supporters the construction had to pause. just until now: Kim Il-sung's son Kim Jong-il decided to put the hotel back under construction.
one of many questions: who will dwell in that 3000-room giant in a country that basically does not except tourists?

"...Bruno Giberti, associate head of California Polytechnic State University's Department of Architecture, said the project was typical of what has been produced recently in many cities trying to show their emerging wealth by constructing gigantic edifices that were not related in scale to anything else around them."
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watch this great movie referring to the hotel of doom.

the utopian vision of north korea's future once it's open to the global market

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