16 December 2011

International Public Space Library

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The International Public Space Library’s (IPSL) ambition is to offer books for free in public spaces all around the world. Soft-launched in September 2010, under the light of the recent occupy movement the experiment has gained new topicality.  Unlike a traditional library, the IPSL has no physical building or location. Each one of the books, anonymously donated, contains an IPAL label and are left in public spaces, free to pick up. Readers are encouraged to return the book after reading to the library by placing it at another space.
Anyone can donate a book to the IPSL collection. Just download a PDF copy of the IPSL ex libris here or download the image below, print and affix it inside the front cover of the books you want to share and spread them (but make sure they don’t get wet). With more publicity this project potentially is able to build up the greatest library of the planet and fromulates a challenging growing spatial configuration of a library consisting of connections and movements of books. "Libraries are not made; they grow." (Augustine Birrell (1850-1933), Chief Secretary of Ireland)

During the just started 7-day growing exhibition on Strategies for Public Occupation by the Storefront for Art and Architecture, the IPSL will launch a temporary ‘pop-up’ branch. This temporary library will offer a selection of books to help stimulate the ongoing public discussion of economics, politics, society and culture that may be reflective of the Occupy Wall Street movement and other social movements that have been or are currently powered by the free exchange of ideas, particularly through the sharing of books. At Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park) the occupiers established The People’s Library with a collection of more thatn 5500 books, unfortunately most of them got missing after the police raid to clear the park in November.