28 July 2010

Synchronicity - Relaunch

Synchronicity got a new outfit! What do you think? You could call it a beta-version right now, still in a testing phase. But the layout and also its content will be enriched step by step. The new header's background image will change from time to time. At this first step it features an image of the AES Huntington Beach Generating Station. It is planned to launch regularly updated uncommented slide shows in the side-bar as well. Similar to the delicious links you will be updated visually about Synchronicity's likes. In addition three new main categories are introduced, under which most of the postings can be classified: Urbanities - Territories - Spatialities
Accompanied by the new design postings will be more regular. Promise.
A series of postings addressing the politics of open space in new development areas in Vienna will be a focus point until November. As well, in the medium term synchronictiy will launch a range of postings from different guest writers.
I hope you will enjoy the new!