15 February 2008


urban agriculture, urban farming, vertical farming, subterranean farming, guerrilla farming - according to my recent www-cruises it appears that this issue is coming back to discussion. Here is a list of links:

Subterranean Farms of Tokyo by pruned
A subterranean farm cultivated inside a former bank vault beneath a high rise building in one of Tokyo's business districts. Tomatoes, rice, lettuces, strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables, as well as flowers and herbs, are grown in an area covering almost a square kilometer.

Watch out for an Urban Farm for PS1 posted by Life Without Buildings or again from pruned with A Farm Grows in Queens
A proposal by Work Architecture that won this year's Young Architects Program at the P.S. 1 Contemporary Arts Center in Long Island City, Queens.
The eight-year-old competition calls for creating an outdoor social space for dancing and drinking in the summer months.

To organize the space Dan Wood and Amale Andraos, the husband-and-wife duo behind Work Architecture, chose heavy cardboard tubes in part because of the shadows they would cast and because of their resilience. Columns will be bolted together to form a span that rises on either side of a pool like a large V.

Each tube will play its own role. Some will contain plantings on dirt shelves equipped with liner bags to prevent leakage.

There is a fabric tube that people can enter through a curtain where you can 'hide' from the party.

for guerrilla gardening follow this link.

for Vertical Farming go to The Vertical Farm Project or watch this project of Atelier SOA Architectes Paris

Roof Farming in London (via BLDG BLOG)

finally Wikipedia's Urban Agriculture and an article about Food Less Travelled

Posts on farming in Philadelphia and on Algae harvesting in San Francisco will be featured soon, so stay tuned


Shane said...

I just read that Las Vegas will build the first vertical farm in the US. It will be great to see the outcomes of this investment and if there are other cities that follow suit.