28 January 2008


stamen design is a San Francisco based design and technology studio which designed for example archinects cover page. Very interesting are their amazing mapping projects, including crime mapping or mapping photos on flickr.com. For seeing Invisible Dynamics take a look on Cabspotting. Using GPS technology for tracking cabs creates a living and always-changing map of city life in San Francisco.

For constructing your own map of Manhattan go for Transparent New York. Do Manhattan's historic districts correlate at all to the island's original farm plots? How many office buildings are constructed in the last 10 years compared to post-war period? All that you can see there.

Fake is the New Real (what a name!) offers a broad range of new cartography and taxonomy ideas. For example Chicago Mile by Mile (image above) maps every intersection of the city's mile streets through photography. And finally the best: How long have I been waiting for that? A comparison of more than 30 city's subways at scale. Could somebody please compare the track length of those networks, now that we know that San Francisco's BART is covering a huge area, and Tokyo's network expands not so much as expected, and Bejing's looks like a piece of minimal art. Bravo! subways at scale

thanks to where for this incredible mapping links